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An Interview of America's Best Banker

The incredible story of Ross McKnight.

Some of you may know that I hosted a banking symposium last month in Dallas. It was my second symposium. The first was a year ago in Philadelphia. I’m doing five more over the next five years — in five different cities that factor prominently in American banking history. 

The video above is my conversation at this year’s symposium with Ross McKnight. Ross is the chairman of InterBank, a $4.5 billion bank that he owns and oversees from his 56,000-acre ranch near Trockmorton, Texas.

InterBank has been the best-performing commercial bank in the country since the government’s fiscal and monetary response to the covid pandemic knocked the banking system out of equilibrium. Its net interest margin last year was 6.16%, nearly double the industry average. And because Ross doesn’t believe in holding securities — as he puts it, “the only thing they give you is liquidity when you don’t need it” — InterBank wasn’t affected by the decline in their value.

Beyond being America’s best banker, he also has an incredible personal story, as you’ll hear in the video.

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