Feedback on Maxfield On Banks and John Maxfield from readers, bankers and investors.

“Banking if done right is a noble profession; it is lifeblood for a growing economy. I follow John’s perspective closely because he gets how important banking is and the difference it can make. Thanks to his veracious character and drive to learn from history, he gets what it takes to run a bank with integrity for the long-term and not fall victim to the whims of short-term profiteers.”
Brent Beardall, President and CEO, Washington Federal

“Your readers will go anywhere you go, because you are the best.”
Scott Dueser, Chairman and CEO, First Financial Bankshares

“I have become a huge fan of your weekly editorials. I am a professor of economics at Utah State University and sit on the board of our local community bank. I find myself liberally quoting from the insights you share in your editorials with both students and fellow bank board members. Your contribution on actively reading for mastery ended up in all of my class syllabi this fall — my students have benefitted from your concise and articulate argument for reading with purpose. I wanted to reach out and thank you for sharing thoughtful and powerful insights that have added value to both my personal and professional engagements.”
Chris Fawson, Professor of Economics, Utah State University

“No one tells a story like you do.”
Siya Vansia, Chief Brand Officer, ConnectOne Bancorp

“Like many bank CEOs, I am inundated with research and reading materials, so I have to be selective with what I read. I always find your articles to be appropriately succinct, insightful and relevant. I also appreciate how you take the long view of our industry. You’re adding real value to the industry and, in turn, to a lot of customers, employees and communities.”
Clark Lauritzen, President and CEO, First National Bank of Omaha

“Leave it to you to find an amazing anecdote from the past to instruct us in the present.”
Rebekah Fawcett, Head of Enterprise Internal Communications, U.S. Bancorp

“John combines an understanding of modern finance with a deep love of history. At a time when so much writing on the industry is technical and narrow, his work rejects this specialization and places banks and bankers in a rich historical context, illuminating the enduring opportunities of the business. For those interested in banking, I cannot recommend his work strongly enough.”
Patrick Gaughen, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hingham Institution for Savings

“In addition to being a wonderful writer and student of banking, John is an intensely curious person. He reads voraciously over a wide spectrum of topics (he once managed a bookstore) and has a deep love of history.”
Jack Milligan, Editor in Chief, Bank Director

“I’ve read your post three times today. It was powerful and affected me deeply.”
Kelly Polonus, Corporate Communications Director, Great Southern Bancorp

“I have long been humbled and impressed with your access to the ‘Who’s who’ in our business. You give me access through your writing to those I can otherwise only dream of meeting, speaking to or learning from. Your articles are always a ‘must read’ for me, like a mini conference with some of the most admired people in our business.”
Gordon Zimmerman, President and CEO, Citizens Bank

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your articles. I look forward to hearing your perspective on the topics you choose and the succinct way you craft a story. I’m sure I’m not alone amongst community bankers in appreciating your work, and just wanted to share that with you. In these trying times, your inspiration and gentle reminders are welcome to our eyes.”
Ron Samford, President and CEO, Metairie Bank

“John is a writer who ‘gets it.’ He makes banking interesting because he tells stories, allowing readers to see the whole picture. He brings personality and a different perspective to all that he writes, which I find completely refreshing! John is a voice to pay attention to if you want to know what’s happening in the banking industry and where it’s headed.”
Kelsey Weaver, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Neocova

“I wanted to let you know how much I’ve come to appreciate and look forward to your weekly columns. They’re relevant, easily digestible, varied, timely and well written. I particularly like how you mix them up with banking-specific topics but also plenty of general business/common sense topics, like the recent ‘How to Read a Book.’ I don’t know if you were always doing them or if this is a new thing during the COVID era, but however it is that they’ve started to come to my inbox I’m grateful they have.”
James Wright, Director, BankNewport

“I read with interest your articles every week. Keep up the good work! Wanted to let you know that I think we were inspired a bit by your Philadelphia community banker/pandemic piece.”
Mike Zabel, Group Vice President of Corporate Communications, M&T Bank

“Wanted to take a quick moment to tell you how much I appreciate reading your emails every week. This ongoing conversation about our current baptism-by-fire evolution in our banking industry is incredibly important. Thank you for keeping the most important, over-arching issues at the forefront. Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected in order to navigate our way into the next chapter. It's going to look very different.”
Christie Obenauer, President and CEO, Union State Bank

“John is the go-to guy for insightful analysis of the banking industry. His historical perspective, knowledge of current trends and familiarity with industry leaders make him the leading resource for understanding the banking world today.”
Joe Kesler, Member Director, Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines

“Enjoying your articles. They appeal to the "history major" in me. In addition, the entire message about people feeling needed is timely. Boy, have we "needed" our people in the past eight weeks and they have stepped up in a big way! PPP for Heritage Bank has been an enormous success but not without some ups and downs, and not without the brute force of hundreds of our people working together as a team to get it done. It has been a beautiful thing to be a part of and as a result I believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds to in the future.”
Jeff Deuel, President and CEO, Heritage Bank

“John's writing is always engaging, and incredibly precise. He innately understands how story and structure can be wielded to keep the reader rapt. Yet he's never one to squander that attention. Those elements are the tools that he uses to keep the reader riding shotgun with him as he drives straight into the heart of the most important issues.”
Amber Buker, Director of Insights, Alloy Labs Alliance

“I’ve read John’s work for over three years now and found the content to be timely and insightful. John covers banking and financial topics with an easy-to-read and understandable approach. He has covered some of the industry’s top institutions and managements in a fair and openminded way. I highly recommend making it a regular read.”
Michael “Mick” Blodnick, President and CEO (1998-2016), Glacier Bancorp